Tickets £15 and Under – Camden Fringe Special

The Camden Fringe starts this month and it is a great chance to catch some hot new theatre and comedy from London’s freshest creatives. Unbound by the financial burdens of the Edinburgh Fringe, we are expecting the companies at this years fringe to push the boundaries even further as they cement the Camden Fringe as London’s premiere fringe festival. Here we pick out six shows we are most looking forward to at this years Festival.

The Community – The Lion and Unicorn £12-10 (1-5 August)

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 18.46.51

The Community is a dystopian comedy about the last survivors on Earth’s struggles to keep going in spite of pessimism, totalitarianism and admin. After a cataclysmic event has reduced the surface to an irradiated wasteland, humanity must live on in a vast underground society where freedom of thought has been eradicated, mandatory euthanasia is a normal part of life and birthday cakes are strictly prohibited.

Evros | The Crossing River – The Monkey House £10 (2-5 August)


Follow Doaa, a 19 year old Syrian, on her journey of hope. Meet the boy from the local garden centre, where all isn’t quite as it seems. Experience the physical descent of a couple whose grief brings them together and tears them apart. Venture into the everyday of families in extreme conditions and follow the performers as they ask ‘How can we walk in their shoes?’

The Janitor – The Monkey House £8/6 (2-5 August)


The curtain is down. The dust has settled. All is quiet, which suits the janitor just fine. He’s alone… An exploration of loneliness and lost dreams through unexpected companionship. The Janitor is a clown and movement piece, full of comedy and reminiscence.

Grab ‘Em By The Pussy – The Monkey House £8/6 (9-12 August)

'Grab 'Em by the Pussy' by Caroline Buckley

A sassy surreal comedy musical about grabbing pussy. In a world where women are objectified daily, in places they didn’t even know they had, Maisy is an outcast as she has never been touched. Bless her.

5, 6, 7, 8 – Upstairs at the Gatehouse £12/10 (14-19 August)


Stomp all night with the premiere of a new musical comedy – featuring the hits of pop giants Steps. Out for drinks after work, four colleagues realise they have something in common: their love lives all suck. So they make a pact to sort themselves out – whether that means asking out a certain someone, cutting ties with Mr Wrong, or learning to fly solo…

Edward II – Tristan Bates £10 Previews (22-23 August) £15 concessions (24-26 August)


The King is dead. His son, Edward II, is crowned King. His first act: to call home from banishment his lover, Gaveston. Marlowe’s gay epic comes to the stage in this all-new, all-male ensemble production, marking 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales.

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Theatre! £15 and Under!

Yes yes yes, even more great affordable theatre for you to take your pick from.

Out Now

Between A Man And A Woman – Etcetera Theatre £10 (10-13 April)


To the outside world, Polly and Tom seem to represent the normal married couple; successful, loving and happy. But behind closed doors, not all is what it seems. Polly’s family and friends are constantly worried for her wellbeing and safety; claiming she has changed from the person she once was.

The Plague – Arcola from £12 (Until 6 May)


The Plague is Albert Camus’ electrifying story about living through a time of crisis and fighting back against despair. Written in the aftermath of the Nazis’ march across Europe, it struck a powerful chord with millions struggling to understand the fascist ‘plague’ that had just overwhelmed them.

Coming Soon

Rabbit – The Horn The Barn £10/7 (13-14 April)

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.11.06

It’s Bella’s 25th birthday. Friends and former lovers will meet for a drink to celebrate. Drinks will low and secrets will spill. But in the uncivil war between the sexes, what happens when it’s your own gender you can’t stand? When you’re forced to face where your own views come from?

Pluto – Barons Court Theatre £12/10 (18-23 April)


Pluto is going through a crisis. No one had turned up to his party, his best friend Charon has hired a stripper for the evening and a probe from Earth has arrived baring some terrible, terrible news.

On The Horizon

Twelfth Night – Blue Elephant Theatre £12/10 (26 April – 6 May)

Twelfth Night image

Bubbling with energy and youthfulness, this actor-muso production of Twelfth Night is a playful take on the cross-dressing comedy.

Care – The Courtyard £14/11 (9-14 May)

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 15.23.44

The Angus Mackay Foundation is proud to present the revival of Care by Roy Mitchell (co-creator of New Tricks), originally presented at the Royal Court Upstairs, which has been revived with an ethnically diverse cast.

Tickets! £15 & Under!

More more more! There are always more shows to see for 15 quid or less. Here is our latest roundup of things with the GingerWig & StrollingMan seal of approval for the coming weeks…

Out Now 

Strange The Road – The Hope Theatre £15/12 (Until 18 Feb)


Strange The Road is a love letter to Chandler set in a noir world sometime between 1933 and 2033. Written in the pulp vernacular, the spare dialogue is matched by a sharp design and style where we are placed anywhere a man with his wits about him has to use them to prevent his own murder…or worse…

Coming Soon

New Nigerians – Arcola Theatre £12 Previews (12 – 14 Feb) £14 concessions (15 Feb – 11 Mar)


Nigeria: ‘the Giant of Africa’. Conservatives rule over the biggest economy on the continent, and one of the largest and youngest populations in the world. What if the people wanted something different? What if they got it?

Brixton Rock – Mangle £15/12 (15 Feb – 12 Mar)


Brenton Brown has never known his parents. A brutal feud with the killer Terry Flynn has scarred him for life. As a care leaver living in a hostel he craves the support of a family. But when he meets his mother and his beautiful half-sister, his life changes forever. Reggae and soul music suffuse the fabric of the story and the rumblings of the Brixton riots threaten to burst.

Will Power – Theatre N16 £10/8 (19 – 22 Feb)


We are all trying to find that little ounce of joy that makes you want to wake up the next day. Toby Boutall’s debut play on masculinity stigmas and male mental health.

On the Horizon

One Was Nude and One Wore Tails – Hen and Chickens Theatre £10/8.50 (7 – 18 Mar)


As in all Fo’s work, serious ideas about society pigeon-holing its citizens are explored satirically, with great humour, knockabout slapstick and vaudeville-style song and dance. Fo doesn’t preach or lecture, but instead uses clowns and buffoons to portray society’s foolish pretensions.

Bunny – White Bear Theatre £12/10 (7 – 25 Mar)


A summer of love. A fight. A car chase. A siege. When Katie’s boyfriend is attacked on the streets of Luton, she is propelled outside of her borders on to the frontier of council estates and concrete jungles. Amidst the sweltering heat, the baying for blood and longing for love, Katie is forced to decide her future.

Tickets! £15 and Under!

In life, there is always time for theatre. Especially when reality starts to take a turn for the worse, what better solution than heading along to your local theatre for some theatre treats. Even better when those theatre treats cost less £15! Here we round up our latest bunch of new theatre which you can indulge in for less than fifteen pounds!

Out Now

Out There on Fried Meat Ridge Rd. – The White Bear Theatre £15/12 (17 Jan – 4 Feb)



Mitchell answers an ad for a roommate and finds himself in a backwoods West Virginia motel with JD, an affable hillbilly of mysterious origins. Soon JD’s neighbours – curmudgeonly Flip, meth-head Marlene, and her hot-headed beau, Tommy – have all but taken over the tiny room. Mitchell finds himself in a hopeless predicament. Hopeless but for the power of dance…?


Coming Soon

The Taming Of The Shrew – The Cockpit £10 (23-27 Jan)


Get Over It Productions all female production is set in 1989 at the height of the rave culture. This promises to be a Shrew like no other….

Fantastic Mr Fox – Hammersmith Lyric £15 (25 Jan – 19 Feb)


Mr Fox is smart, clever and rather fantastic, but he doesn’t realise how determined the farmers are to get revenge. Can he hatch a plan to save his family and friends? Can they outrun the diggers and outsmart the farmers? And can Rabbit shut up long enough not to give the game away?

Hearing Things – Clapham Omnibus £12/10 (31 Jan – 4 Feb)


Hearing Things is based on five years of collaboration with both staff and patients in mental health institutions, drawing together the stories, dilemmas and challenges faced by the ‘healthy’ and the ‘ill’ in communities whose voices are seldom heard.

On The Horizon

Blood & Bone – The Vaults £12 (15-19 Feb)


Part political satire, part pixar movie, Blood & Bone is a dark and cheeky adult puppet show. Combining puppets, puns & poor taste to guarantee you’ll soil yourself. After all: Life’s a prick.

This Is Not Culturally Specific – The Vaults £12 (15-19 Feb)


This Is Not Culturally Significant is an intense and darkly comic one-man show which unveils the bizarre, compulsive and eccentric nature of humanity. Over ten characters are portrayed; from a pathologically lying classics professor to a despondent American porn star on the brink of her retirement.

Tickets Under £15

Christmas is coming…

…and what better way to enjoy it than by finding a rare theatrical gem to entertain you this festive season. Here at the Ginger Wig & Strolling Man we like to think we have a special eye for spotting those star quality shows that you don’t have to traipse into central London for and won’t break your bank. Why pay west end prices when you can see equally good performances on the fringe? So, here is our Christmas season selection. We have picked out six cracking shows that are playing right now or very soon, where you can by tickets for under £15! Lots of musicals on offer and, of course, plenty of Christmas treats…

In Theatres Now

The Beggar’s Opera – Jack Studio Theatre £15/12 (until 3rd December)


John Gay’s 1728 musical comedy is set deep within London’s underbelly, a frantic, dangerous and lascivious world of highwaymen, hangmen and harlots. This uncompromising exposure of moral and financial corruption comes to the stage with an original score and contemporary staging. (Read our review here)

Candide – Bridewell Theatre Concessions on previews and matinees £14.50 (23-26 Nov & 3 Dec)


Based on Voltaire’s 1759 novella of the same name, Candide is a masterpiece from the greats of musical theatre. The show combines a beautiful score with a fast-paced, witty book in a joyful and hilarious operetta which as been delighting audiences for 60 years.

Coming Soon

2 Become 1 – Kings Head Theatre £10 (3 Dec), £14 (4 Dec) £15 Concessions (6 Dec – 7 Jan)


Comedy pop-musical following four 90s girls embarking on a wild night of speed dating, meeting Mr Wrongs and Mr Rights along the way. A hilarious non-stop journey through infectious pop anthems and ballads.

Hamlet Part II – Hen and Chickens Theatre £8 (8 – 10 Dec)


Part of Perry Pontac’s trilogy of Shakespearean parodies ‘Codpieces’, Hamlet, Part II answers a question about Hamlet that has plagued scholars, readers and playgoers for over four hundred years: “What the hell happened next?”.

On The (Yuletide) Horizon

The Snow Queen – Theatre N16 £15/10 (11 – 22 Dec)


Greta’s brother, Kay, has been acting strange. He’s mean and moody and won’t play games. The Snow Queen must have snatched him, and left an imposter in his place. Funny, magic and full of surprises, this new modern adaptation of The Snow Queen is a perfect family Christmas adventure.

A Christmas Carol – LOST Theatre £15/12 (19 – 31 Dec)


Charles Dickens’ classic gets the full Broadway treatment by the Broadway team of Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid,), Lynn Ahrens (Ragtime, Seussical) and Mike Okrent (Crazy For You, Me and My Girl).

Tickets Under £15

That’s right folks, it’s time for your latest dose of affordable theatre for you to get all excited about…

In Theatres Now

Imogen – The Globe £5 in the pit until the 16th October


©Tristram Kenton 

London. 2016. A strange and unsettled time – where men and the violence of gangs rules the streets. In a dangerous world we hear a new voice – Imogen’s.

Skin A Cat – The Bunker – £12 previews £15 concessions until 5th November


Every teenager thinks they’re the only one not having sex. But for Alana, it may well be true. She really wants to, but luck is clearly not on her side. Soon she can’t help wondering: Is it this tricky for everyone else? Because no one ever said it was going to be this complicated.

Coming Soon

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair – Arts Theatre tue-thu £12/10, fri-sat £14/12, from 25 – 29 October


Welcome aboard Blues Cruise journey no. 666, where the weather is glorious, the Sundeck is heaving and eternally lusty Captain Bleufonde has decided to resurrect his dead lover by sailing into an apocalyptic storm.

Rubber Ring – The Pleasance £12/10, 31 Oct – 6 Nov


Jimmy’s sixteen, sexually confused and stuck in Sheringham; the seaside town they forgot to bomb. When Morrissey comes to London, Jimmy flees to the city to try and find his hero and himself.

On the Horizon

Borderline – The Cockpit


S: I’m a theatre maker. I’ve been volunteering and doing workshops in Calais for a year now. M. gave me your number. I want to create a comedy play with refugees about the Jungle.


P: A comedy?…  About the Jungle???

Silence. Big smile.

P: Yes, I love comedy!!!

Bright Lucifer – The White Bear Theatre £15/12, 8 Nov – 3 Dec


On the verge of a nervous breakdown Jack retreats from the world with his brother Bill to an isolated family cabin, planning a long weekend of whisky, fishing and brotherly love. All doesn’t go to plan. As the brothers descend into madness and paranoia, only one question matters; who or what is Eldred Brand?

Tickets Under £15

With theatre prices on the west end touching the £200 mark, we have scoured through everything that is available to find you the hottest tickets you can get your hands on for £15 or less!

In theatres now…

Torn Apart – Theatre N16 – £14/10 – Until 30 Sept


Torn Apart (Dissolution) puts women centre stage and deals with issues such as feminism, immigration, male repression, fate, homosexuality, but above all it explores the most painful aspects of human conditioning. Read our review of Torn Apart at the Brighton Fringe.

Sid – Arts Theatre – £14/12 – Until 8 Oct


He’s not having a good day. People don’t understand him, his musical tastes are derided, his best mate is a punkrocker who died in the seventies.

Coming soon…

The Resurrectionist – Etcetera Theatre – £12/10 – 27 Sep – 9 Oct


A brilliant scientist strives to protect his creation in the face of universal revulsion and hostility. Set in Switzerland during the stormy summer of 1816, ‘The Resurrectionist’ reveals for the first time, the extraordinary ‘true’ events which inspired Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The Rules of Inflation – Drayton Arms Theatre – £14/10 – 4 Oct – 8 Oct


Want to come and play? You are invited to our party. We live in a world of power, rules and leaders. But really, it’s just one big game. Read our review of The Rules of Inflation at Theatre N16.

On the horizon…

The House of Usher – Hope Theatre – £15/12 – 18 Oct – 5 Nov (Tues to Sat)


Secrets surface, friendships are tested and a dark secret threatens to bring the House of Usher crashing down. Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic masterpiece “The Fall of The House of Usher” with a brand new score and a small cast of exceptional actor-musicians this gothic musical thriller promises to be the Halloween show not to miss.

We Are Ian – New Diorama Theatre – £12.50/10.50 – 11/12 Nov, 1/2 Dec


1989. Manchester. A frenzy of drugs, beats and bucket hats. Illegal raves. Acid parties. Just jumping up and down in a field and throwing two fingers to Thatcher… Remember it? Winners of the Brighton Fringe award for excellence.

Tickets Under £15

It’s been a while since our last ‘Tickets Under £15’ post, and with summer well and truly under way, what better solution to mix up your summer pursuits than some awesome affordable theatre.

In Theatres Now

Thyestes – The Courtyard – £12/10 – Until 10 July (No shows 4 and 6)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 19.29.39

Lost and lonely in a starving, self-consuming world, watched only by hungry demons, Atreus longs to express himself. To destroy his father’s legacy and take revenge on his brother.

Eigengrau – Kings Head Theatre £15 students – until 11th July

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 02.57.48

Four twenty-somethings try to connect in a city where Gumtree can feel like your closest friend. Rose believes in true love. Cassie fights against patriarchal oppression. Across London, Mark champions marketing and Tim can’t get out of bed.

Coming Soon

Peter Schlemiel – Theatre N16 £10/8 – 4-7 July

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 03.00.42

Peter Schlemiel is the arresting and haunting story of an ordinary man who foolishly exchanges his shadow for endless fortune and fame, and must face the bitter consequences.

Beetles From The West – The Hope Theatre £15/12 – 5-23 July

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 02.51.43

Beetles from the West looks at men’s’ health and the stigma associated with it, what happens to those indirectly affected by those that don’t speak out and the devastating effect of our pride getting in between those first symptoms and calling a doctor.

Further Afield 

The Winter’s Tale – Minack Theatre £11.50/9 – 11-15 July

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 15.03.37

You will be transported from the dark court of a jealous king to the bright sunshine of a bohemian festival as we follow this heartbreaking story of redemption. With original live music, vivid design and the breathtaking backdrop of the sea at the Minack Theatre.

Half A Sixpence – Chichester Festival Theatre From £10 – 14 July – 3 September


Half A Sixpence is the iconic British musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’s disguised autobiographical novel Kipps: The Story Of A Simple Soul, based on the author’s unhappy apprenticeship as a draper at Hyde’s Drapery Emporium in Southsea.

More affordable theatre to come soon…

Tickets Under £15

Our latest dose of affordable theatre tickets. Including some of our favourite pub theatres and some theatres we have yet to visit. Get your fix, people…

In theatres now…

The Brink – Orange Tree Theatre – £12 Under 30s tickets available – 7-30 April

“History teacher Nick is on the edge. A hidden secret lies under the Brink. Nick can’t get it out of his mind. A series of visions force him to investigate what lies beneath.”

The Brink background image 1600x915

Coming soon…

Low Level Panic – Bread And Roses Theatre – £10/8, £7 Previews – 12-30 April

“Set in a bathroom, Clare McIntyre’s acclaimed and award-winning play is a bright, warm, sometimes wet and messy dark-comedy about three young women. Through its fearless comedy Low Level Panic explores female experiences in our world and the objectification, fear and challenges these young women face on a daily basis.”


Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens – Kings Head Theatre – £10 Previews and dynamic pricing, £14 etc… – 26 April – 21 May

“In a seedy cabaret bar on the dark side of a distant planet, artistes are being picked off by a serial killer with a penchant for sequins… Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a truly immersive theatrical experience.”


A Kingdom for a Stage – Chelsea Theatre – £10 Concessions (£15 standard price) 28 April – 7 May

“William Shakespeare sits in the heavens with his peers excited by the recreation of his Globe theatre in London and by the four hundredth anniversary of his death. With Puck’s assistance he returns to London believing that everything is very much better. But has anything really changed? And what does this mean for the future?”


On the horizon…

The Local Stigmatic – Old Red Lion Theatre – £14/12 – 3-28 May

“The Local Stigmatic is a sinister, deeply disturbing study of psychosis, fame, obsession and envy. Darkly comical at times, it reveals an element of society and its fascination with ‘celebrity’, but also the resentment that it can provoke.”


The Quentin Dentin Show – Above the Arts Theatre – £12.90/10.90 (£8.90 Previews) – 16-28 May

“Keith and Nat’s relationship needs intensive care. So when they accidentally summon the supernatural therapist Quentin Dentin out of the radio, it seems like a dream come true. But the charming Mr Dentin’s mission of happiness has an altogether darker purpose… also, he won’t stop singing.”


Tickets Under £15

Here’s our latest dose of top-notch current and upcoming theatre in London, all for under £15. This week’s selection includes an ethical puppet show, eight short plays in one and Neil LaBute’s return the London stage.


Right Now – Bush Theatre – £10 matinees for students, over 60′s, unemployed and disabled, £12.50 for students, unemployed and disabled on evening performances – until 16 April

“Right Now is a play with a dark heart, a disquieting exploration of one woman’s crisis and darkest desires. It walks a delicate line between playful laughter and deep trauma, teasing and thrilling audiences from beginning to end.”

Reasons to be Happy – Hampstead Theatre – £10-15 tickets for students and under 30s – until 23 April

“Neil LaBute’s romantic comedy explores “unfinished business”: even though couples breakup and friends may drift apart, certain relationships never really cease. But does stepping backwards ever bring true happiness? Or is it actually sometimes the only way to secure it?”


Danny and the Deep Blue Sea – Theatre N16 – £12/10 – 3-14 April (No shows Friday or Saturday)

“A fierce dance of the displaced, Theatrum Veritatus brings an explosive, deeply affecting study of alienation and the redemptive power of love.  Two castaways fight their way to each other and cling violently in a sea of hardship for a chance at the happiness afforded to most but denied to them.”

Leaper – Little Angel Theatre – £10/8 – 8-10 April

“Although it sounds like a tale from a children’s story, the reality is that fish are starting to disappear from our rivers and seas. Why? And how can one little girl help stop it? Leaper: A Fish Tale follows one fish’s magical quest against the ever-growing natural and man-made monsters in our seas.”

Coming Soon

Twelfth Night – The Hope Theatre – £14/12 – 12-30 April (No shows Sunday or Monday)

“Following last year’s critically acclaimed and award-nominated The Tempest, Thick as Thieves return to The Hope Theatre with one of Shakespeare’s best-loved comedies. Expect high energy, breakneck costume changes and sparkling wit as our company of four actors takes on all thirteen roles.”

The Class Ceiling – The Bread & Roses Theatre – £12/10 – 17-18 April

“Little Pieces of Gold presents eight powerful new plays which respond to iconic texts with issues of social class at their heart.”